Tutorial to make your Panotour / Krpano projects work locally on Oculus

First step

Download and install in your computer the software SideQuest ( website )

Second step

On Oculus App on Mobile enabled Developer Mode

Third step

To install the “webserver” software in Oculus.
In my case I used this: KSWEB  (15  day Trial  –  5$ License ) (link) . This support php, mysql, and many other thing, but you can try other app.

*if you buy the license, contact the author to tell him that you are using it on Quest and you cannot enter a username (because it is made for Android and automatically takes the Playstore email account)

Once downloaded to your computer, through Sidequest App, you can upload it to your Oculus

Fourth step

In Oculus go into Library, and  at left you will see an entry “Unknown Origins” open it

and click on KSWEB folder

The App start and show the Main Window

Fifth step

On SideQuest open web server directory sdcard/htdocs/

Drag you Panotour Exported Project folder here

In Oculus Browser go http://localhost:8080/your_folder_name

Everything should work, but remember that:
WebVR mode only works from Krpano 1.20 onwards

This procedure works without problems in Oculus Quest , if you’ve tried Oculus Go and it works, let me know, Thanks