Encrypting the code of your virtaul tour allows you to hide from prying eyes and “code copiers” and also to hide the possibility of tracing portions of the photos.

With the tablet cube faces you can always create a small strip of your panoramic photo. Which could also be posted on FB.
Same thing if you paid a developer for custom code, etc.

Panotour’s code encryption function no longer works, but there is a way to achieve the same result.

Among the utilities of Krpano there is also the one to encrypt the code.

Here I show you the simple procedure and some advice:

1. Duplicate the final Virtual Tour Folder
2. Open the KrPano Tools application
3. Move to the “Encrypt Tool” Tab
4. From your project take all the xml files of the “data” folder and drag them into the app.
5. Select the “Use a Public Encription Key …” checkbox
6. Press the “Encrypt Files” button
7. Try the Virtual Tour, everything should work normally.

You are now protected

Remember that every time you export the project from Panotour Pro the files will be modified, so leave this for last, when everything is ready.