Automator, Small and Powerful.

Check Device

Condition based device used by User

Screen Device

Condition based screen size of browser window, or iframe size if project are inside a Iframe.

Browser Language

Call action by Browser Language


Check Orientation of Device


Check if Project work on Iframe or not

Scene Seen

You can see if Scene is already seen

Dark Mode

Check is Dark mode is enabled


Start action with a specific date and Time

Data Event

You can use this condition to make something happen before or after the date you set.

Night / Day

Check is User see project on night or day


Check if Device is on-line or not


You can call action by Panotour Language set


Use Variable from Deep Url

Use variable Expert

Use Variable logic with the actions

Check URL Var

Check if Url has Variables

The console in demo has been voluntarily left open, not a mistake