With this plugin for Panotour Pro you can exchange endless Pano, keeping the same position, same zoom, same hotspot

New version of the plugin (V3)

In this version it is no longer necessary to insert a plugin for each photo, now you can configure everything in one instance.

You will create a control bar, which you can set with thumbnails or load your favorite icons

In the new version, the Aereal function is not included, if you want to use that continue to use the V2.1 version

So old projects with Infinity Swap will not be updated, but you will have to reconfigure the new one, deleting the old one.

Plugins can be installed both

Loading personal icons or Scene Thumbnail

Set function for Altitude Aerial Panorama ( only V 2.1 )

Google Analytics Track

Blend Time

Blend Tweens

Lifetime updates

Infinity Swap also works with planar photos

Infinity Swap in air mode (V2)