Are you bored of the usual interface for Start VR?

Create yours with SplashVR2
Plugin for Panotour Pro

You can upload your graphics and set a colored background,
you can also use an animated gif if you want, now Support Headset like Oculus.


The plugin has two integrated splash screens, but you can insert your own.


You can enter a description or help text in the graphic box, one text per device, Multilanguage


You can enter an overlay color, also setting transparency

Remove Controller

Virtual Tours do not currently use the left controller, so you can remove it when it is present.

Google Analytics™

You can track the event through Google Analytics ™, you need to install the Plugin on Panotour Pro


Supports up to version 1.20.2 of Krpano, if the previous one is used, in Oculus mode it will be disabled, in order not to create an error.



Click for open Demo with Oculus

( don't work on desktop )