With this plugin you can divide the scene into two and load a second one synchronized with the first one, moving the first one will also move the second one.


  • You can insert endless pairs of scenes

  • You can rotate the second scene 180 degrees

  • You can Mirror the second scene

  • Set Button for swap screen

  • Set Size of screen

  • Custom Tooltips

  • Device position visibility and size

  • Support Panotour with Krpano 1.20.

Warning: It does not support Panotour js plugins
Webbox, Video Box, Gallery, Google Maps, Pdf, Description.

V 1.1 Support Krpano Double Images

Following the tutorials directly from the Plugin you can create, implement and manage your double scenes create with Krpano with Panotour.
As in the first example below.

Demo with Krpano integration

Demo with multi scene Double

Demo with 180° back option

Demo with Mirror Option

Thanks to Gabriel Acoca, for lending me images for demos number 3 and 4.

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