This is a Floorplan

You can use it for your floor plansor for your geographical maps

Double plugin

You can use the plug-in for the Floorplan or for the geographic map


You can Zoom Floor with mouse and with fingers on touch devices

Multi Floor

You can create a main Level for start Floorplan, and how many levels you want


Insert Radar on current point, for see direction of view and zoom factor

Drag Option

you can choose between click and drag, or parallax mode

Pop Up

you can have the popup with the name of the scene and also with the thumbnail of the scene

Multi Language

The Floorplan is full translatable with the Panotour Pro Language system

Point Actions

You can set up to 20 spots to call Panotour actions

Help Video

link to the video tutorial divided into sections, which can be called from the plugin interface


It works on all devices, and you can choose which one to view it on

Highly editable

You can change colors, shapes, load your icon ...

North Option

You can set the direction of the floor plan and show an icon

Example of Customer Project

Show Demo by Nuno Madeira