Skin Plus.Beautiful Tours


Interface Menu

  • Up to 33 buttons can be customized for specific Panotour features.

  • 13 versions of buttons, round, square, minimal, created to be colored directly in Panotour Pro, to create an infinity of possibilities.

  • Ability to upload your icons to customize the menu (new)

  • The menu bar can be set up responsive or you can set the scroll/drag/ follow mouse, buttons when the screen is smaller than the menu.

  • Each button can be included or excluded for the 3 main devices, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

  • Each button can be positioned wherever you want, for desktop, mobile, and tablet

  • The order of the buttons can be changed as desired

  • Mark Hotspot for visited Scene, by thumbnail or normal (new)

  • Option for show single scene on a webpage, with a button for open complete Tour (new)

  • include 3 free plugins (stagescale, controls, Icons) (new)

  • Metatags optional (new)

  • All the buttons can be tracked on Google Analytics

  • You can set it horizontally or vertically can be hidden at the beginning of the tour, or set an automatic closure when there is no interaction

  • You can set a background color or a background image

  • The tooltips of the buttons can be set completely

  • The logos can set position for Devices

HotSpot Thumbnails

Create hotspots on the fly by uploading the linked scene image. The shapes, the borders, the dimensions can be changed, both for Desktop and for Mobile. You can set a shadow, external and internal. Tootips can be modified. There is an option for blink the Hotspot

Mark HotSpot visited scene

You can set an icon over hotspot when the scene is already visited, work with Thumbnail hotspot and normal hotspot.

Magic HotSpot

With Magic Hotspot you can hide the hotspots of a scene, and make them appear when they approach the center. You can choose to intercept only horizontal movement or both. You can also set the distance from the center and the magnification of the hotspots.

Language System

You can create a graphic language change system in the tour, by uploading your flag icons, they can be recalled from the main menu or placed in any area of the project. You can configure up to 10 languages.
The intro image and the Help image can also be modified. It is also possible to recall a specific language from the project’s URL.


By click on the “?”  button of the menu bar a screen will appear for the use of the basic commands for the navigation of the scene, diversified if opened from the desktop or from a Touch device. You can upload your favorite graphic Help, both for Desktop and Touch.


You can insert 2 logos one of the project and one of the credits, they have the possibility to be redimensioned for the devices. The credits logo can also be placed at Zenit or Nadir. A logo can be inserted in the contex-menu, with a link.

RotateMobile Screen

You want the tour to be seen in landscape mode only, activate this option, you can configure a text (translatable) use the image set for the main logo, and use a standard icon or upload your favorite.


With PanoCapture the user can generate and download a photo from the tour, you can deidere to print a logo and a text on the generated image. This plugin does not use external scripts, so it will also work in Offline projects

Device Control

In addition to the menu, you can change many options for viewing on different devices, size, visibility.
Adapting the specifications for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop in just one Tour

Analytics tracking

User interactions can be tracked through a Google Analytics account, just install the Google Analytics plugin in the project, and choose in Skin Plus what should be tracked.

UI Sound

It is possible to set sounds for various interactions of the Plugin. It is possible to use a background sound as a voice in different languages.

Automatic Html Template

An Html Automatic Template Specific for Skinpus, with the possibility to use the command in the “search Pano” menu. And the rewriting of the meta tags ( optional from version 3.2)  with the data of the Project, and not with the Panotour standards.

Sketch Template

A Sketch Template Specific for Skinpus, you will be able to create your own custom icons

Free SuperText Plugin

Included in the price you will also have the SuperText plugin worth € 14.98 (ex VAT)

Plugin Support

The documentation for the plugin is created with videos, which can be called directly by the plugin for each section.
In addition to email support

Send Support Mail

Demo N°1

  • Start in English Language
  • Magic Hotspot On by Alpha
  • Thumbnail Hotspot Round
  • Without menu background
  • Language Button on Menu
  • Scroll menu by mouse activated


Demo N°2

  • Start in Italian Language
  • Magic Hotspot Off
  • Menu Vertical with color background
  • Thumbnail Spot Circle
  • Auto Close Menu by time
  • Language Button Floating


Demo N°3

  • Start in Italian Language,
  • Magic Hotspot On by Scale,
  • Menu Vertical with image background
  • Thumbnail Spot Square with Shadow
  • Auto Hide Menu by idle
  • Language Button Floating


Use of deep-link variables in Panotour and in SkinPlus

When viewing a Virtual Tour, usually the tour address is:

We can also insert example variables:

Point to a specific scene

pano12 is the scene id, which you can retrieve from panotour (show info)

index.html is the name of your project set in the build section +.html

Set vertical, horizontal and zoom shift

(as you noticed the variables combine with “&“, only the first variable is preceded by the symbol “?

This mode also works when we insert the project into a page with the iFrame tag

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope;" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

With Skinplus you can do much more

Insert virtual tour into a webpage with one specifical scene, without menu. Example of a Room page of Hotel

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope;" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

Skinplus show a button for open Complete Virtual Tour ( you can select in same space or a new window of Browser inside Skinplus settings)

Insert virtual tour into a webpage with one specifical scene, without all Skinplus elements. Example of a Room page of Hotel

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope;" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

Skinplus show a button for open Complete Virtual Tour ( you can select in same space or a new window of Browser inside Skinplus settings)

Also, you can add your actions, for hiding other elements in your project ( other plugins, hotspots, etc )

Warning: place the &hideallv=true or &hidemenu=true to the end of URL string.

Multilanguage variable

If your project is multilanguage you can set in iframe webpage the code for show language virtual tour like language page

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope;" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

Summary,  you can place your tour with string same this :


<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope;" allowfullscreen> </iframe>


Skinplus Update v3.2  24/06/2019

  • Added Variable in Deep-link URL
  • Added Hotspot Mark
  • Added 3 Free Plugin
  • Fix Hide Menu bar
  • Fix UI Prev/next free positions
  • Other small Fix

Skinplus Update v3  9/05/2019

  • Added a third menu option, free positioning, for each device
  • Rewritten Template Logic, now works with all HTML templates.
  • Added Photoshoot with png export.
  • Added placement for devices for the two logos.
  • Linking to Search Plugin ( if you have )
  • Resolved bug for not Rotate Alert cover Screen.
  • Resolved bug for Audio language system.
  • Resolved other small Bug.

Skinplus Update v2.4   5/03/2019

  • Rewritten meta jquery in HTML page.
  • Rewrited Html template now is necessary only if you use search option in the menu.
  • Resolved bug for tooltips on the invisible close button when the menu bar starts close.
  • Resolved bug for not Rotate Alert function in iframe pages.
  • Resolved bug for open PDF from the button.
  • Resolved other small Bug.

Skinplus Update 2.3 15/01/2019

  • Fixed a hotspot bug by Thumbnail when the source transition option was used.
  • Magic hotspot, increased to 3 different hotspot names
  • Small fix and code optimization

Skinplus Update 2.2  6/12/2018

Scrollable ad draggable menu option
New Thumbnail hotspot system
Magic Hotspot
New PanoCapture with water maker Image
New RotateDevice alert system
New option for start with menu hidden
New Graphical Help
New Open/Close Help
Graphical Help by Devices
From 6 to 13 Skin
Many Bug and compatibility with other Plugins


Skinplus Update 2.1  1/10/2018

iOS 12 Safari iPad fullscreen bugs


Skinplus Update 2.0  6/08/2018

Sortable Menu buttons
Fading alpha for both logos
Background image on menu
Hide/Show menu by user interaction
Added new button for webbox Plugin (by call actions)
Added new button for gallery Plugin (by call actions)
Added new button for pdf Plugin (by call actions)
Responsive menu by Devices selected

Resolve bug for css, html template, and optimized all code
Insert option for background Sound by Language (beta)
Fixed compatibility with third-party plugins

Skinplus Update 1.3.4  9/07/2018

Optimized close Menu at Start when the option hidecontrol is True
Optimize css for html template
Resolve bug for Responsive Menu when menu start close
Insert a new Button For Open/close pano menu (add action for use also with third part Plugins)
Insert a new set of icons (Square color white)

Skinplus Update 1.3.3  5/07/2018

Fixed Bug of icon Gyroscope
Fixed Bug of size menu selected
Optimize for new version of Panotour Pro
Insert free plugin “Supertext”

Skinplus Update 1.3.2 18/06/2018

Fixed incompatibility with third-party plugins
Minor bug fix.

Skinplus Update 05/06/2018

Insert Option for Alternative Pano Shot Plugin
Minor bug fix.
Optimize code for language system

Skinplus Update 1.3.1 27/05/2018

Optimized code.
Minor bug fix.
Option for use VRcode in Skinplus

Skinplus Update 1.3 17/05/2018

Update Number of language system up to 10
Insert a Responsive System of Menu
Insert a option for Change Position of Button for open Language, now is possible get out of menu and select a position.
Insert an alert for generate Encrypted Project, the file filesaver.js is not work in this case, is necessary place a non encrypted file into folder of exported project.

Skinplus Update 1.3 15/05/2018

New Button for launch one webvideo, work only with Plugin SkinPlusVideo (in this pack).
New Button for launch search pano box, work only with the html template skinplus.html (in this pack).
New Button for make Photo of screen and download, with option for stamp personal credits text watermark, and jpg compression.
Adding option for blink Hotspot by thumbnail.
Adding two new set skin icons.
Adding code jquery into skinplus.html template for generate automatic metadata from your “Project Name” and “Author Name” set in Panotour Pro setup: Title, Keywords, Description and le property=ogg.
Optimized code.
Minor bug fix.


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