With BlowUp you will be able to view content by passing over hotspots; images, text and html code.


  • Show text (spot description, linked scene description, personal text, html iframe)
  • Show Title (scene title or custom text)
  • Show image (Thumbnails of the connected scene or personal file)
  • It also works on Polygonal Hotspots
  • Highly configurable, colors, positions, dimensions, shadows, etc.
  • Auto show function in device touch

  • Keep the blowup open and close it with a click on a button, which you can place wherever you want.
  • Open the blowup in a position on the screen unrelated to the spot position
  • You can decide to activate the auto show on center in the mobile version.
  • You can use the html code for descriptions of scenes, groups and hotspots
  • You can change the color of hyperlinks in the text