The evolution of a button, Superbutton.

In addition to functioning as a button, you can use it to interactively display your graphics, using it as a layer.

Multi Events

Not just the click, but also onhover, onover, onout, ondown and onup.
For each state, it is possible to insert one or more actions.


You can set the Toggle function, to have two click actions, with the exchange of the image

Button for open link

You can insert a single button for the whole project, combining a different external link for each scene.


Group the buttons with a name and through the actions, you can hide or show the buttons with the group.


You can animate the fade in and out, you can also set an x or y shift, and alpha for the onOver / onOut state

Google Analytics ™

You can track the event with Google Analytics ™ using it in combination with the Panotour Original Plugin


You can show / hide the button according to the device and / or the language of the tour

Dimensions and Positions

You can set different sizes and positions according to the display device